Daven is a port city. The city is not as large as Ravar, yet it boasts the largest port.

Population: 28,300

Popular Taverns & Inns
  • The Bastard Fox (Helry was tending the bar when the party arrived)
  • Below Sea
  • Fisherman’s Dive
  • Harpoon & Chain
  • Sam’s

Key figures

  • Enel Harp – The Harp Family – She owns several taverns and the largest shipping company. The party discovered that she was trafficking slaves to Xathur.
  • Rasmus – head of Enel Harp’s gard – slain in the woods just north of town
  • Orwill – works for Lord Williams He has a small, two room office near the docks. His office is beneath some other businesses and a bar for sailors. Entry is made through a side door which is down a few stairs. The front room has a desk for doing business. No valuables are kept in this room. There is one windows and a thick curtain covers it most of the time. The back room remains locked. He seems to have an endless supply of errands, mostly regarding archaeological sites, mines, deliveries, or protecting a key person or thing.


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