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  • Beepool

    Beepool is a small farming town 120 km from [[Dafield | Daven]]. It is a few hours south of [[Dafield | Dafield]]. The farmers there are somewhat oppressed by the Lord of Dafield, Walter Clyson.

  • Dafield

    Dafield lies just north of Beepool. *Popular taverns & inns* * Brass Flask * Sage * Ale Lord [[:walter-clysom | Walter Clyson]] governs this region from Dafield. ********************Click to view all Blacksmith********************* …

  • Smithville

    Smithville is a small, fortified town just south of [[Beepool | Beepool]]. * Population: 200 * [[:walter-clysom | Walter Clysom]]'s territory The Iron Fort is a round tavern in the center of town. It's tough as shit.

  • Rock Bridge

    The Hamlet of Rock Bridge is nestled among some large rock bridges and ledges. It lies two days north of Avenfol.

  • Rockport

    Rockport lies two days north of Avenfol. It is a rough town in the mountains.