Tag: cities


  • Daven

    Daven is a port city. The city is not as large as Ravar, yet it boasts the largest port. Population: 28,300 *Popular Taverns & Inns* * The Bastard Fox (Helry was tending the bar when the party arrived) * Below Sea * Fisherman's Dive * Harpoon & …

  • Ingbluf

    Population: 1100 Ingbluf lies north of [[Dafield | Dafield]], outside of the Blue Forest. It is home to a very large Temple of Bariel, the god of dreams. Several prominent families also have manors in town. Ingbluf has a large, stone wall with a …

  • Xathur

    Xathur lies in the high mountains. It is ruled by one oppressive family. Slavery is permitted. Human life is not valued. The city features an arena for combat/entertainment.

  • Absalom

    Absalom lies high in the mountains, north of [[Xathur | Xathur]]. Though it swears loyalty to Ravar, it is separated mainly due to harsh terrain. Absalom does keep an eye on Xathur.

  • Ravar

    Ravar is the largest city and capitol of Ravar. The crowns rule is recognized in Daven and north to the foothills of the mountains (where lawlessness reigns). [[Xathur | Xathur]] remains disloyal and many mountain kingdoms align with them, although [[ …

  • Avenfol

    Avenfol lies about three days north of [[Ingbluf | Ingbluf]]. It is a lush town. Half of the structures are built in a ravine which is part of the blue wood. They have an elaborate defense system. There is a massive library built into the rock. There …