Population: 1100

Ingbluf lies north of Dafield, outside of the Blue Forest. It is home to a very large Temple of Bariel, the god of dreams. Several prominent families also have manors in town.

Ingbluf has a large, stone wall with a main entrance and a side entrance. The less fortunate have built homes and shops just outside of the city walls.

Key NPCs
  • Thad Rockwill – A bearded, hardened, wealthy man. Though he owns the largest manor in town, he prefers to make company with travelers, adventurers, and types who some consider to be scoundrels. He can be found drinking at the Blue Blade in the evening or afternoon.
  • Squirrel’s Nest – A tavern that is “pretty good”
  • Blue Blade – A dive just off the main road in town
  • Hydra – A large Inn
  • Schuels Wares – General Store
  • The Sleeper – A Store that sells weapons and potions
  • Temple of Bariel – The temple towers above even the castle walls
  • Castle Ingbluf

Quests Initiated: Something or someone has been killing the followers of Bariel in town. The Jarl has been looking for help in determining the cause of the deaths and disappearances. The party determined that the guards were behind this.


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